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We free your mind for you to create.

It is built into our fundamentals as a company. We free the creative spirit of our artists by taking care of business, live, touring, music and everything in between.

Be the best you, you can be.

Who we are

Creative artist management solutions, crafted with intelligence, transparency, belief and authenticity.

who we are

We Create Opportunities & Sustained Visibility.

Career Development

Guiding your career to the next level though experience.

Music Publishing

Transparent and comprehensive royalty collection and renumeration.

Live & Touring

Providing a thorough administration and logistics service.

Sync & Licensing

Commercial music placements through multiple forms of media.


Reaching and retaining your audience is critical for sustained success.

Brand Partnerships

Generating long standing, rewarding relationships.
we work on iq

Let's Make Music

we work on iq

Let's Make Art

clients we work with