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Peshay Curates The History of Drum and Bass

Explore the History of Drum and Bass with Peshay's New Mix Series

Legend Peshay's Tribute to Drum and Bass on Apple Music

The legendary pioneering force in British breakbeat music, Peshay is curating a new mix series with Apple Music titled “The History of Drum and Bass.” The mix series promises to be a nostalgic and comprehensive look back at the genres formative years.

Peshay, one of the founders of the genre, has been a seminal figure in drum and bass since the evolution of the genre in the early 1990’s. With a revered discography spanning over thirty years, he has released racks which have become mainstays in the history of drum and bass. “Piano Tune”, “Jazz Lick”, “Vocal Tune”, “Miles From Home” and “You Got Me Burning” have long cemented his status as a production innovator.

Peshay has earned his stripes, his innovative production techniques and DJ sets have earned him a place in the lexicon of Drum and Bass legends.

The first installment of “The History of Drum and Bass,” rewinds to the pivotal year of 1992. A time when the sounds were just starting to diverge from its rave and hardcore roots. Peshay explains:

“Over the next few months, ‘The History of Drum and Bass’ will look back at some of the tracks that shaped the D’n’B scene.” “The first instalment rewinds back to the early days of my own career—and the warehouses where rave music was beginning to diverge into exciting new strands.” “We begin with 1992, a great year for new music starting to move away from four-to-the-floor beats and into the incorporation of more breakbeat elements, arguably the birth of hard rave music.” “These tracks are some of my favourites that I used to regularly play at the time.” “I was also experimenting in the studio and was learning about production, which for me went hand in hand with DJing.” It gave me goosebumps going through all these tracks again and putting this mix together—it took me back to the time when I was DJing at venues like Roller Express [in North London] and Tasco Warehouse [Southeast London], great, great times.”

The mix is a time capsule containing iconic tracks that defined the era’s raw, breakbeat-driven energy and spirit which was the catalyst for the birth of drum and bass as a genre.

Peshay’s expert curation will offer an unparalleled opportunity to experience the music’s evolution first-hand, 

From the genre’s jungle techno and rave roots to its more refined modern sound, this is a masterclass taught by one of the scene’s most respected producers and DJ’s. With further installments set for release over the next few months, strap in for a nostalgically tipped, rich journey through the history of drum and bass, guided by a true pioneer.

“The History of Drum and Bass: 1992” is available now on Apple Music.

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