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Elevate Your Live Performances: Live & Touring with IQ Artist Management.

IQ is your trusted partner in managing live performances and touring. We understand the thrill and impact of a captivating live show, and our experienced team is dedicated to organising seamless tours and handling all the logistics. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we help our artists take their music to stages around the world.

Crafting Unforgettable Tours

At IQ Artist Management we believe that a well-structured and meticulously planned tour is the key to a successful live performance journey. Our team of seasoned music managers collaborates closely with you to understand your vision, goals, and target audience. With this knowledge, we curate tailored tours that showcase your unique talent, captivate audiences, and build a loyal fan base.

Logistics, Simplified

Tour logistics can be overwhelming. There are numerous moving parts and intricate details to manage. That’s where IQ steps in. From coordinating travel arrangements and securing accommodations to managing equipment logistics and stage setups, we handle every aspect of tour planning and execution. Our team’s extensive network and industry connections ensure that your tour runs smoothly. We allow you to focus on delivering unforgettable performances.

Promotion and Marketing Support

A successful tour requires effective promotion and marketing strategies to generate buzz, attract audiences, and maximise attendance.

Our marketing team at IQ works tirelessly to create comprehensive promotional campaigns tailored to each tour stop. From social media campaigns and press releases to local advertising and fan engagement, we leverage a range of strategies to drive awareness and ticket sales, ensuring the success of your tour.

Financial Management with Transparency

We understand the importance of financial transparency and accountability in tour management. IQ operates with the utmost integrity, providing transparent financial reporting and handling all financial aspects of your tour with professionalism. We work closely with our artists to establish budgets, manage expenses, and ensure fair and timely payments to all involved parties. Our goal is to create a solid financial foundation, allowing you to focus on delivering incredible performances.

Support at Every Step

Embarking on a tour can be both exciting and challenging. With IQ Artist Management, you never have to navigate the journey alone. Our team of dedicated professionals provides comprehensive support, serving as your trusted advisors and advocates. From tour itinerary planning and negotiation with venues to on-site tour management and coordination, we handle the complexities so that you can focus on connecting with your audience and delivering unforgettable live experiences.