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Peshay Returns To Metalheadz After 25 Years with Goldie

Peshay announced at Metalheadz residency

Peshay is set to play an iconic set from the legendary Blue Note Sunday Sessions

The name Peshay has resonated far and wide over the years. He’s DJ’d all over the world and produced seminal tracks that are still revered to this day. He’s written into the cultural fabric of drum and bass, often regarded as one of the finest pioneers and producers to ever make the music. Talk about the legendary Metalheadz Blue Note Sunday Sessions at Hoxton Square with anyone who was there, or knows anyone who was there, and Peshay’s name often comes up in conversation.

In 1995 Peshay was stricken with a serious illness that kept him out of the scene for over 12 months. Drum and Bass had blown up into the big time,  major labels were interested, and journalists wanted interviews from anyone who would give one, it was crazy times. Peshay was at the very peak of his powers and was taken ill for well over 12 months. To this day he’s never really spoken publically about what happened as, he’s always thinking about what is next, not what has been. That being said, it must have been a very difficult time period.


Once Peshay was feeling better, he decided to return to his residency at the fabled Metalheadz Sunday Blue Note Sessions, Hoxton Square, London. To announce his return he decided to make several special one-off tracks for the night, what was about to happen is now the stuff of legend. Playing tracks no one had ever heard before and did not know, he played himself into drum and bass cultural folklore with a set that went on to be known as the “Peshay Comeback Set.

Everyone present and all of his peers have spoken about this set over the years. From Photek and Fabio to Doc Scott, they all acknowledged how seminal a set this was. The set seems to have gotten bigger over the years. The Blue Note had a capacity of about 400 and we’re pretty sure we’ve heard accounts of this set from 1000+ people. But, that’s how significant it was, everyone wanted to be associated with it, the mythology and what happened on that night.

It’s where the now famous picture of him reaching over the decks to shake Goldie’s hand was taken, happy to see him back at the temple of cutting-edge dnb.

Peshay is set to play Metalheadz Sunday Blue Note Session

Having not played for Metalheadz for 25 years, Peshay has been announced to play on the opening night of the Metalheadz residency called “Blue Note History Session.” Phonox, London UK will be the venue for the return of Peshay to the decks.

If Peshay’s history with the cultural fabric of Blue Note and Metalheadz is anything to go by, he will once again remind everyone present why he is spoken about in the way that he is. He is revered by his peers and fans for good reason, noone does it like Peshay.

You can catch Peshay’s exclusive 3 hour set alongside Goldie on Sunday 17th March 2024 at Phonox London.

Tickets are availble: HERE

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